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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Blog Beginnning

It's been a long time since my last post. My former blog became such a drain on my time; my hope with this new blog is to actually save some time. I will use this blog primarily as a way to communicate updates with family and friends. So often, I spend my time calling or emailing many in my circle to provide updates. Unfortunately, I always manage to leave someone out of the loop; I do not multi-task well these days. My apologies. In addition to communicating updates, my writing also provides some much needed "life processing" for yours truly. If you dare to read my blog, you will undoubtedly read of the many blessings difficulties bring along the way. My hope is that you will see that difficulties and hardships pave the way for much needed growth in life. A difficult journey almost always precedes a time of tremendous spiritual growth, if we allow the process to change us in a positive manner.

I chose this photo for my blog because I believe we are all on a journey. It is a walk we must all make alone, for it is the road that the Lord has appointed you and to you alone. God is Sovereign, after all, and He alone choses your personal journey and its destination. Sometimes the journey of life is exciting and thrilling--- like when you get engaged or have a much-yearned-for new baby. Other times, the journey becomes grueling and seemingly without point. Perhaps you've lost a loved one, or you struggle with endless financial crises. Or maybe you're like me--- enduring health challenges that shake you and your family to the core. But our journeys are never without point. God always has a purpose and a plan for our pain. Sometimes we fail to grasp pain's purpose, or perhaps its meaning may be hidden from us at this particularly time. Nonetheless, as people who chose to follow the Lord, we must find a way to continue the journey--- painful or not-- trusting God, and acknowledging our total dependance on Him.

So it is my hope that this blog inspires people to live without fear. I also hope it encourages someone in the midst of battle. You are not alone, even if you feel that way on occasion. God is always with you, and He will never leave you or forsake you--- even if you can not hear His voice or feel His comfort when you want. Every battle and difficulty has a reason, but God may or may not chose to reveal His purpose in your pain and trials. We must trust that in all things, God will allow circumstances that are for our ultimate good and His ultimate glory. His plans are not necessarily for our personal comfort or for our personal peace. We must learn to embrace His plan, while learning to forgive ourselves when we fail to wholeheartedly believe.

And that is where I am. Praying that God would help me in my unbelief. I don't like the painful circumstance that I find myself in, but I am learning to cope with life as He chooses.

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