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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cyber Knife Radio Surgery

In total, I had 7 radio surgical procedures at Phoenix Cyber Knife. The procedures are actually a bit anti-climactic... which I guess is good! All of the time and energy goes into planning the surgery; the day of the surgery is just a matter of "pushing a button," so to speak. You have to love technology!

As a patient, this is the best type of surgery possible. All I felt during the procedures was a bit of burning--- probably not from the radiation, but from my neck muscles being very tight-- as I was literally locked into a particular position for 45 minutes or more at a time! I simply got on the treatment table, and the tech fitted the face mask to the table. (this would be the only part of the procedure that might cause a bit of anxiety for someone claustrophobic--- you literally can not move). The locking mask ensures that I stay exactly where I am supposed to be. Thankfully, I am not too squeamish, although due to a steroid-induced high heart rate, I did use some Ativan during a few of the procedures.  Sometimes an elevated heart rate is not a issue of "mind over matter."

The treatment table itself adjusts throughout the radiation treatment. The table senses if you have moved at all--- it automatically repositions you into the perfect position, and will not permit the machines to treat unless you are in that precise position. The "robots" (machines that emit the radiation) move around you.You can hear them making their weird robot sounds--- moving into position.  I chose to close my eyes because it was just a bit disconcerting to open your eyes and see a large white machine within a couple feet of you--- aiming radiation right at you!

It is an amazing procedure, honestly. The patient feels no pain during the procedure, and no pain or time lost in recovery. I did feel a bit dizzy getting off the treatment table--- but literally, that was all. No down time to brain surgery. Go figure.

If I were a wealthy woman, I would invest in this amazing medical technology!

This is a photo taken from the Phoenix Cyber Knife Facebook page. Imagine several of these machines aimed at you!

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