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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cyber Knife, number 2

My almost 18 year-old daughter completed her second Cyber Knife radiation treatment today. She will receive 5 total treatments for her brain stem cavernous angioma.

I am so proud of my girl! She was very brave--- no complaining whatsoever. The treatment is pain- free. The only difficulty she is having is sleep. Dexamethasone (Dex) really makes rest difficult.

My daughter is taking a total of 8 m.g. of Dex, along with a nausea medication (Ondansetron HCL) and another medication to help her stomach tolerate the Dex (Ranitidine). So far, so good!

We are still waiting to hear from Valley Radiology to find out when my 15 year-old son will have his spine MRI. This will be the second MRI for my son. Mr. D. was diagnosed with several brain lesions, but they are not symptomatic. He has none in the brain stem, thank the Lord! The brain lesions will just need to be monitored, unless he develops seizures or headaches. Unfortunately, upon neurological exam, my son's reflexes were "brisk." This might indicate a possible spine lesion. I do understand that the reflex exam can appear abnormal if the patient is anxious--- I so pray that anxiety is the reason his test was abnormal!

Regarding anxiety, mine is pretty elevated! I am very grateful that I have a church (Scottsdale Bible) that offers a Stephen Ministry. I am meeting with a counselor tomorrow, and am so looking forward to praying and talking with someone. Chronic illness kind of burns out your friends... (sorry guys).

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  1. Oh, Kristen - so much! Will continue praying for all of you. Hugs-