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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Surprising Phone Call

After preparing myself that the Ethiopian kids most likely wouldn't be home until January 2010, I received a phone call--- THE call! Joy, from YWAM Adoption Ministries, called me to let me know the children received a court date: November 13, 2009. What that means is the children will have an Embassy Adoption Date of either December 8 or December 22, 2009... meaning we will have to BE in Ethiopia on the 8th or the 22nd! Wow! What a wonderful surprise!

Of course, this makes the end of the year--- and all of Christmas-- a bit on the wild side! I have much to do to organize the household in preparation of three new kiddos. Highest on the list now is finding a bunk or loft bed and dressers for the big bedroom downstairs. D-Man, B., and A. will all be in the same room (D-Man's desire); T-Man will move into a smaller, yet private room. Moving bedrooms is no easy task; T-Man and D-Man are not exactly the neat boys!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Our completed adoption dossier is in Ethiopia, awaiting review, translation, and the assignment of a court date. If we are assigned a court date before November 10, we will travel around Christmas time. Most likely, we will be assigned a court date after November 10; that would make travel time after the New Year.

We have received an update regarding the children. They are definitely not wall flowers!

A.Bilisuma (age 6) is said to really enjoy school. He has a constant smile on his face, and loves to cuddle. He is quite active and enjoys playing karate! Next, G. Mihret (7) is also said to enjoy school, and is very athletic. The missionary at the orphanage called her a "tomboy," but I wonder how much of a tomboy she will be once she actually has a mom and two sisters...? G. also likes to play karate, and she does love hair accessories! Finally, B. Tesfaye (8) is a left-handed athletic boy. He also likes school, and is definitely the leader of the three musketeers. The only thing the missionary mentioned was that all three like to play rough and hit each other.... Like I said, no wallflowers in this bunch!

A. Bilisuma, G. Mihret, and B. Tesfaye

Best Boys in the World

T-Man is now taller than Dad. I feel like the incredible shrinking woman... except for the waistline!

I'm sure D-Man will be ready for the height challenge in a couple of years. He's busy working on his brute strength--- he started taking Taekwondo!

Pancakes and plenty of mess

Miss B. the Kitty

Who needs new toys when you have a big box?
Miss B. has been playing in the Excel Soccer League. This is where her aggressiveness pays off!
We are so grateful that Miss T. and Miss B. have become such great friends. Sure, they can fight likes cats and dogs... but the fights are at least short-lived!

A moment of peace...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Little Golfer

Golfing With T-man

Little Miss B in Ballet

First Day Of Ballet

Happy Birthday, Mr. D.

D-man's 11th Birthday

Great Swimmers

Swim Time!

Family Visit

Another Great Visit

Miss B's 7th Birthday

B's 7th Birthday Party

No Fun at the Zoo

Not Quite The Zoo Fan

Big Boys

The Big Boys

Daddy and Miss B

Daddy And B


The Beautiful Sisters

The Ladies

The Ladies

Big Crew

What A Crew!

Miss K and Little B


Mom and Miss B

Fun In Scottsdale

T Man is 14

T-Man's 14th Birthday!

T Man

T-Man's 14th Birthday!

Posing Girls

The Posing Girls

Little Miss B

Miss B. The Ham!

D-Man's 10th Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday, D-man!

Nana in Laguna

Goofing Around In Laguna Beach!

Boy with Hats

Fun At Disneyland!

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Little Ladies

Celebrating In Carlsbad

The Sisters

Posing With Miss T

Miss B's Birthday

Enjoying Miss B's 6th Birthday Party!


Fun At Legoland, California!

Miss B. with Older Sibs

Miss B. Loves Her Older Sibs!


Loving K!

Miss B with Big Brother

Fun With Big Brother

Park Day Posers

A Fun Day At The Park

Just Home from Guatemala

Just Home From Guatemala

Miss B's Referral Photo

Miss B's Referral Picture