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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Our completed adoption dossier is in Ethiopia, awaiting review, translation, and the assignment of a court date. If we are assigned a court date before November 10, we will travel around Christmas time. Most likely, we will be assigned a court date after November 10; that would make travel time after the New Year.

We have received an update regarding the children. They are definitely not wall flowers!

A.Bilisuma (age 6) is said to really enjoy school. He has a constant smile on his face, and loves to cuddle. He is quite active and enjoys playing karate! Next, G. Mihret (7) is also said to enjoy school, and is very athletic. The missionary at the orphanage called her a "tomboy," but I wonder how much of a tomboy she will be once she actually has a mom and two sisters...? G. also likes to play karate, and she does love hair accessories! Finally, B. Tesfaye (8) is a left-handed athletic boy. He also likes school, and is definitely the leader of the three musketeers. The only thing the missionary mentioned was that all three like to play rough and hit each other.... Like I said, no wallflowers in this bunch!

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