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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Surprising Phone Call

After preparing myself that the Ethiopian kids most likely wouldn't be home until January 2010, I received a phone call--- THE call! Joy, from YWAM Adoption Ministries, called me to let me know the children received a court date: November 13, 2009. What that means is the children will have an Embassy Adoption Date of either December 8 or December 22, 2009... meaning we will have to BE in Ethiopia on the 8th or the 22nd! Wow! What a wonderful surprise!

Of course, this makes the end of the year--- and all of Christmas-- a bit on the wild side! I have much to do to organize the household in preparation of three new kiddos. Highest on the list now is finding a bunk or loft bed and dressers for the big bedroom downstairs. D-Man, B., and A. will all be in the same room (D-Man's desire); T-Man will move into a smaller, yet private room. Moving bedrooms is no easy task; T-Man and D-Man are not exactly the neat boys!

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