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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Referral Photos

Because S. was on the Waiting Child List at Children's House in Ethiopia, we were able to receive many months of older photos while we contemplated his referral. The first photos were taken at his admission to one of the area orphanages; the first photo is from October of 2010. His grandmother claims that he is 3 years old at admission.

S. was brought into an orphanage in October 2010

Poor little guy! He is very tiny and frightened.

How can this not pierce your heart?

S. doesn't like his photo being taken

Next photos from February of 2011

Still looking rather sad

Now, we're seeing a little bit of spunk!

March 2011(?)


What food, love, and prayer accomplish...

Still small, but smiley! April 2011

May 2011 (?)

The child can be serious....


S. with one of the CHI nannies (June 2011)
 July of 2011
August 2011

Such beautiful eyes!

September 2011

October 2011

A little mischief in the eyes...

Photo taken in December 2011. He looks a bit older than 4 years old. 

January 2012

My little man in traditional clothing

Doesn't look like a wallflower to me! 

Finally... We passed Court!

This past Friday, I received a wonderful early morning email from CHI. We finally passed court! S.'s grandmother managed to get to court to testify and sign off on S.'s adoption. I had initially appeared in court on December 1, 2011, so it was a long time in coming! S. is now legally ours... our new son!

We were told that CHI will need about a month to prepare documents for the US Embassy. My only concern at this point is that the Embassy has been requiring additional interviews with birth families. Considering it took over 8 weeks and 6 failed court appearances to get the grandmother to appear in court once, how long will it take her this next time? Ah, yes... breathe. The Lord knows. I try not to worry incessantly with this part of the process. I keep praying to the Lord to bring S. home at the right time--- whatever that "right time" turns out to be.

In the meantime, I pray and hope... hope and pray. Some day soon, my sweet son!

First few minutes with my sweet boy, showing him his photo book. He loved seeing his face on the cover!

Such a handsome little guy! 
S. and T-Man.: friends and brothers in the making

Pure joy!

Our friend, Kassa, provided translation for us at the Thomas Center

S. was showing us his bed--- he's still in a crib at the Thomas Center

Orange soda--- clearly a favorite!

A moment of calm contemplation...

Looking a photos with Mom