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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tukul Village

These are photos of Tukul Village in Lalibela. In the middle is Alex, the hotel's receptionist. He made us feel completely welcome and safe; we enjoyed our stay there so much! The food was excellent, the staff wonderful!

Just outside the hotel were small vendors. We were able to purchase beautiful, handcrafted jewelry: heavy silver necklaces, traditional bracelets, and hand-painted, beaded items. We also brought back a large cow-skin drum, a very old (we were told 800 year old!) book, and silver crosses. All are such delightful little treasures!

Also on the streets were children, mainly boys between the ages of 8 and 14. All of the boys were eager to talk with us so they could practice their English. English is taught in the Ethiopian schools, beginning in about 1st grade. Many of the boys spoke very well, and knew all about our president! One of the kids was even named "Obama."

These boys were on the streets alone. We were told that their parents lived in the rural areas surrounding Lalibela, and that the boys attended school in the city. These boys are expected to go to school, work, pay rent, and live independently. They were the sweetest kids!

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