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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prayers on the Plane

If you read the AZ Republic Newspaper article, it did take us quite a long time to get home! In fact, we had to spend an additional day in travel. Thankfully, the Lord had great mercy on my family: We survived an attempted airline bombing.

Reporter Jackie Coe interviewed us for the AZ Republic; she did an outstanding job. She was professional and compassionate; she took the time to listen to our story and get the facts straight. To her, I say many thanks.

What is not clearly mentioned in the article is the prayer I prayed in my heart in the moments of uncertainty on that fateful Northwest Airlines Flight:

"Lord, I don't know what is going on up front on the plane, but I am comforted that you know. Lord, if this is my time to die, let your will be done. I know being in your presence would be so much better than staying in this world. But Lord... I am here on this trip doing your will... I brought home the kids you chose for this family. I don't quite understand why you would have me come all this way, only to die now. I can not imagine my husband raising our kids alone; I ask for your mercy on my family. Please, Lord, allow me the great privilege of raising all of these children to your glory! But whatever, Lord, let your will be done."

After I prayed, I was filled with an enormous sense of peace and comfort. I knew we would not be harmed. I knew we would live.

As I reflect on the airline episode, I am so grateful and overwhelmed. I can't get through a church service without crying! The Lord shielded our family; He protected us from harm. How many people get to have the experience of impending disaster, only to feel the love and protection of their Creator? What a blessing to experience the "peace that passes all understanding."

The other issue I reflect on is the Sovereignty of God. He is in charge of everything, and allows all--- both what we would consider "good" and "bad." He uses both to teach us something about Him... if we are willing to listen and learn.

When I came home, I remembered grabbing my dear husband and holding him close. In a moment, I thought, "Oh, I feel so safe." Then, "Oh gosh, I'm NEVER safe! No one can protect me from the evil schemes of man!"

Floods of Scripture came into my mind... like little reminders of who I am... and who Our Father is. HE is my husband. HE is my protector. HE is my all in all. HE is my home. HE is my Savior, Father, Redeemer. HE alone is my salvation, my peace, my joy, my strength. And I AM HIS.

The Lord also challenged me in coming days. He reminded me that I had told Him that I was willing to die for Him. I needed that little reminder... would I continue to obey Him regardless of the consequences, regardless of the cost? Am I really willing to sacrifice all for His sake?


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