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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coffee Ceremony

T-Man celebrated his 15th birthday in Lalibela. When the Alex, the hotel receptionist of the Tukul Village, heard it was a special day, he arranged a coffee ceremony in T.J.'s honor.

First, the hostess arranges foliage on the floor. Then she roasts fresh, green coffee beans. During the roasting process, she burns incense. We were each given an opportunity to smell the beans and the incense... a mighty powerful combination of aromas! After roasting, the beans are finely ground and then placed in the small ceramic coffee pot. The coffee is then boiled.

Participants in the coffee ceremony are served three tiny cups of coffee. Each tastes slightly different due to the changing length of time each sample of coffee is boiled. And of course, coffee is always served with plenty of sugar and lots of freshly popped popcorn!

It was so delicious!

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