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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lalibela Bar

Also to celebrate T.J.'s birthday, our tour guide, Kassa, took us to a local bar. We had an opportunity to try the local honey wine. T.J. managed to drink a very small amount; I had about the same! Tim made us all proud and had almost all of it! Tim was always the best sport at trying the new food and drink.

The honey wine tasted like a combination of orange juice, bitter grass, and dirt--- at least to me! It had no noticeable alcohol content.

The bar offered live music and dancing. The 4 person group was quite entertaining; the lead musician instantaneously composed songs in our honor! Then, the lead female dancer invited us each up individually to dance with her. That was just plain embarrassing! Ethiopians move their shoulders in ways I don't think mine have ever moved.... Needless to say, Tim and T.J. laughed so hard, they almost fell on the floor! Thanks a lot, guys!

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