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Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Thank You," from Kassa

This is the email I received from Kassa this morning.  Again, many thanks to all of you who made a huge difference for two people on the other side of the world!

Hello Mum, how are you? I am fine hope you are the same. I know that it wood not be like this with out your great love and support it is you who made it all happen thank you again and again!! She is much recovering from her pain, some times some part of her body blooding but the doctor told us it will stop after some time since they are following her day today. Your love and fanatical support makes our happiness double and this is the beginning of our life and there will be the time to make you proud. as you light up my sister life she will light up the life of others together, we have learnt a lot from you you are not just helping us to save my sister but also show as how to give love for human being who don’t have father and mother may the lord return your favor! Mother K., what ever we lost our beloved family we fell like we have every one around us. It is your courageous words and commitments that still make us stand in two feet I hope you will continue to be there for us when ever we wont you. wont you K.? We thank you very much for every thing you are doing for us. Mum, how is your health? And how is my younger brother T-Man health? He is in our heart we don’t forget him in our life what he has done for my sister to get better from her sickness may our lord give him long life with his kind family!!! K., we have great hope that tomorrow will bring bright future in our life and we thank you again that you are with us in the ups and down of our life. God bless you all with his love and peace. Your son Kassa

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