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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Music Recital

T.J., Taylor, Dustin, and Blanca all performed in Saturday's AIMPA Music Recital.  Here are some of the highlights:
T-Man and D-Man performed together, playing some of D-Man's own blues material.
Miss B. performed beautifully, despite a big case of stage fright!  It'll get easier, Baby girl... really.
Here, T-Man performs an original song, "Surf of Carlsbad."  I have to say, his musical ability really threw me off guard... I had NO idea he was so talented!  T-Man is actually working on a CD that he plans to release on iTunes this summer.  Go figure!
This is T-Man performing another original song, "Anticipation of Overtones."  Just awesome!

Miss T. actually enjoys the recitals.  She seems to feel quite at home on stage; her enthusiasm for the piano shines through.
Miss T. , accompanied by Angela Anderson on piano and T-MN on guitar; she sang "Holy," by Nicole Nordeman.  This made Dad cry....  Her voice has gotten stronger; her range much broader.  I also appreciate her song choice.  She shows a great deal of maturity, preferring to sing songs that praise the Lord.
Yes, I think I need to get her a bodyguard.  She's way beautiful, inside and out.
The "crew" just prior to the performance.  What a good-looking bunch of kids!  And they all behaved for a 2 hour show!  That's a miracle, in an of itself!
B.says he just can't wait to be able to join D-Man--- jamming on an the electric guitar!
A. loves his big brother.  T-Man has lots of fans in the household, and they sure all love being "on" him all of the time.
My sweet girls


  1. Way cool Kristen. How proud that makes a Mom to know your kids on on the way to success,,, Congrats...Annette

  2. I just found your blog.
    We are in the process of adopting domestically right now.
    Your family is beautiful!