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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Behavioral Charts... seem to be working

I found another great resource online.  It is a behavioral chart from an ADHD site.  I honestly don't believe the kids have any disorder--- but they obviously are in great need of structure and discipline.  These charts just seemed to fit where they are, behaviorally speaking.

The text is a little difficult to read here, so I encourage you to view it at  (for some reason does not always, so you may have to copy and paste it to your browser.)ADHD of the Christian Kind

For Miss B., my just turned 8 year old, I used the blank chart to personalize the goals.  For example, I removed a few of already mastered goals and replaced them with:
  • I cleaned up my own messes
  • I did not pout
  • I spoke with respect to my mother (I do let her have a "redo" or "try it again, with respect")
  • I did not demand my way
  • I preferred others to myself
  • I was patient
  • I avoided being impulsive
  • I was patient
  • I served my brothers and sisters
All 4 younger kids love this new system!  Of course, it is all new--- so we'll see what happens long-term.  I reward stickers throughout the day, or sometimes at the end of the day.  I also have the older kids tell me if they witness any especially good behavior.  This is great, as sometimes the older kids tend to be the "police" looking for negative behavior.  This has resulted in a much more positive home environment.

As a reward, I did get some personalized pencils, cool erasers, small lollipops... and the big prize of a tiny stuffed animal (found on Oriental Trading).  They can accumulate their stickers for bigger prizes.  I have found this encourages some of my impulsive children to exercise patience and delayed gratification.   

Ah, I feel like I'm back in the kindergarten classroom!

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