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Monday, April 19, 2010

What? No Unicorns?

Eight year old Mr. B made the horrifying discovery this week:  There are no unicorns.  He desperately wanted one when he turned 14.  Not only are there no unicorns, but Superman isn't real.  We can't go see the dinosaurs at the petting zoo.  Movies are fake.  Donning a cape won't allow you to fly.  We can't drive across town to Addis Ababa, either.  Wow.  His exact words were, "Ah, come on, Mom!  Gosh... oh my goodness.  Darn it."  He has had lots of little disappointments lately.

So many things we take for granted are simply not to be assumed with internationally adopted children.  These sweet kids have had such limited life experience, that they can not distinguish between real and make-believe.  This is, of course, something we need to keep in mind when we choose movies, books, and stories... and when we crack jokes.   Some things just don't translate.

For poor B., life has been full of so many harsh realities that I wish I could protect him from learning too much too quickly.  I wish I could allow him to bask in the naivety of a toddler... just so he could regain some of the carefree innocence of a young child.  Guess that's just not his reality--- or mine.  Sorry, sweet B.

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