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Monday, April 26, 2010

Lots of Blessings!

This weekend, we had the genuine pleasure of spending time with our big family.  Dear Husband's older kids, along with their spouses and kids, all gathered for food and fun!

I would have to say that we must be one of those rare families that can still, in spite of divorce, get together and enjoy each other's company.  Most of the credit, I believe, must go to the former Mrs. H.  I'm certain I must not be the easiest person to be around... yet, she choses to get together with all of us, and does so with grace and humility.  In fact, Mrs. H even helped to celebrate Miss B.'s 8th birthday!  How many ex-wives do you know who would buy their ex-husband's daughter a birthday gift?  So when I say I'm blessed, I do mean it!  She is Christ, in action.

The weekend was a crazy time of swimming, eating, and lots of laughing.  Thanks, family!

This is our son-in-law, J., with ever so cute, Mr. I.


 Mr. A.


Mrs. F. with Sweetie Pie, A.
 Mr. I.

 Miss B.

T-Steak and Mr. P

Grandpa and Mr. A.
 Miss G.

All of the kids....!  Wow, what a bunch!


  1. oooh! I am adding your button to my blog. Is that new?? There are 2 adoption blogs I check in on a regular basis. . yours and A Place Called Simplicity. I now have both of your blogs listed on my sidebar. Thanks!!!


  2. What a great family!! Looking forward to talking with you!