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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy at Home

I honestly feel kind of embarrassed--- and a bit guilty. The transition with S. has been so easy and positive that I almost feel reluctant to share. I know many of my friends and acquaintances have had extremely trying homecoming and transition times. For us also, all of our past adoptions had significant troubles and difficulties. We have endured biting, hitting, running away, inappropriate urination and defecation, food challenges, stealing, hoarding, lying, learning problems, overwhelming grief, etc. We know hard. We know what it feels like to need the Lord so badly to help you, that you constantly pray--- begging God for mercy and direction. We were fortunate that the hardships passed with time. Yet, we are keenly aware that many families necessitate counseling and family therapy to find some way to function and thrive as a new family unit. I grieve for some of my friends who never seem to enjoy relief. It pains me. But it also makes me very aware--- and very grateful and humbled by the Lord's gift of S. He has been such a sweet joy! I literally feel like this child has always been here.

And it's not just me who has felt this ease. Dear husband has experienced it, too. The moment S. saw his new daddy, he beamed from head to toe! His smile lit up the entire world--- for just that moment. His face seemed to speak love and joy... and "Where he heck have you been?" He did not want to let go of his daddy's neck. And even 2 weeks later, S. runs to greet Dad when he comes comes home from work. It's like "instance love" between these two. It melts my heart.

Upon meeting the rest of his family, S. was initially shy. He smiled and hugged everyone, but didn't totally warm up for a couple of days. Now, S. is running around with all of the kids, calling them all by name. He is not aggressive, likes to tease, and enjoys joining in with whatever is going on in this big family. Yes, he's had his times of grief and anger, but they have been short-lived and he has allowed me to comfort him. He was truly ready for a mommy.

Interestingly, my little man calls himself by his new name already. I initially called him his given name of Asfaw; then I called him S. Asfaw. Now, it's just S.  It always fascinates me how readily and easily four of my kids accepted and desired to use their new American names. A name change just didn't seem to bother them.

S. seems to accept change readily and goes with the flow. He is not reserved in the slightest, yet he is also not hyper or demanding. He is simply happy.

S. derives great joy from the little things: a warm shower, sippy cups, swings and a playhouse, new food, ice cubes, and rowdy play. The only things he has been afraid of are doctor visits, blood work, and snakes. (Doesn't seem too out of the ordinary!) His only "dislikes" have been brown rice and mixed berry smoothies. He child eats vegetables, fruits, and meats--- everything.  Although he does eat a good, maybe too healthy portion of food, he does not eat to the point of sickness.

S.'s adjustment has been going so well, we even took him to church last week. He quietly played with his bag of toys, and was so well-behaved. We are even going to try putting him in Sunday school tomorrow; I imagine he will do just fine. Additionally, he (we) survived a trip to our local CVS Pharmacy; he didn't even try to grab everything in sight, and didn't pout at all when I said "no" to a second treat. I am simply amazed at how this little guy is adapting to our family and to life in America!

As far as the adjustment of my existing family members, our family is also doing exceedingly well. We have literally had about 30 minutes of jealousy... total... from one person. And that person is now okay. Sure, we have some rolling of the eyes when S. has cried due to grief. Yet even then,  the older adopted kids then think to ask if they were the same way. I think Samuel has helped some of them to have a bit more compassion for people.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for us over the course of this year. Your prayers have been answered (and we liked the answer!). Although I realize we are bound to have difficulties--- that's just life--- I am going to enjoy this delightful time of joy and blessing. Thanks be to God.

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  1. praising and thanking God with you! what a fantastic and fun post to read from you!! :)