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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Farewell Party for My Little Man: Thomas Center

After a somewhat gloomy afternoon at the YWAM Mercy Development home, we headed over to the Thomas Center to enjoy a Farewell Party for S. and his good friend, A.

Great, hand-clapping music
Let me just say from the get-go: S. is no wall flower. The child loves to be the center of attention--- singing, dancing, and celebrating. The Thomas Center offers a great little party for the leaving children, complete with traditional sweet bread, roasted grain, popcorn, soda, coffee, and a gift of traditional clothing for the child. S. loved the music; a couple of the staff members played guitar and sang songs with the kids. It was difficult for me not to cry; all of this joy generated from a bunch of fatherless children. They all celebrated with S. and A.--- happy that they were about to start a new life with their very own families. I just prayed that each lovely child there eventually finds a home and parents of their own.

My new superstar,  singing at the top of his lungs

My little man, dancing

Traditional sweet bread/cake


S. attempts to cut the first slice

Mom's turn to cut the cake

Squirmy man doesn't like posing for photos

Happy to clap and sing

Yummy chickpeas

Such sweet children!

A., Pastor Abdissa, and S.
The Children's House staff seemed a bit apologetic that they no longer offered a big evening out with exiting children and parents. In December of 2009 when T-man, my step-son, and I traveled to Ethiopia to pick up our other three children, we did enjoy the usual farewell party. Then, the celebration started at the Thomas Center, and ended very late at a traditional cultural restaurant, complete with dancing and musical entertainment. (Oh, I do remember that night: B. was high-strung, chugging Coca-Cola; G. and A. were running all over the place, ignoring everything anyone said. Not exactly relaxing, and nobody slept very well that night.) It was fun for the kids; over-the-top for the parents. After all, it's right at the end of a very emotional week. All that to say, I didn't miss the traditional dinner out. I was happy to have a shorter, lower key, early evening with my son and his friends. More than that is simply not needed. The evening was perfect.

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