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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grandma: MIA

Children's House informed me yesterday that unfortunately, S.'s grandmother is again missing. This does make me question whether or not the woman had ever been located.... Nonetheless, this delays our case yet again. Grandma's US Embassy interview has been cancelled by the Embassy; they obviously do not want to hold an appointment time open if the interviewee will not be present. Hopefully, someone else's case will be moved forward due to this opening.

The next step is for the orphanage to contact the police so that an "official, documented search" can be made. If she is not located, MOWA will issue a letter to the US Embassy stating the new facts of the case. God willing, the US Embassy will then accept the letter and allow S.'s visa to be granted. The agency had actually tried to initiate this step last week, but it was Ethiopian Easter last week.

So again, we wait. I'm sure the wait is much easier for an adult to endure than for a child. Little man has seen and experienced many "going home parties" at the Thomas Center. I'm sure he's wondering when it will be his party.

I was reading and studying the Book of Matthew this morning, and dwelt upon the crucifixion and death of our Lord. I am reminded of His sovereignty over all. I am reminded He is righteous above all. I am reminded that He is just in all His judgments and wrath. I am also reminded that He is loving towards all of His creation. Knowing these truths, how can I lose hope waiting for S.? How can I be sad and worry? He will work all things for our good... and at the perfect time. How great the celebration will be, at that perfect time. 


  1. My heart aches for you, Kristen. Praying that this is all worked out very soon!

  2. Oh Kristen. I was am so sorry. Praying that PERFECT TIME is soon!!