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Monday, April 2, 2012

And That's Why People Tell You, "Adopt is Not for the Weak at Heart"

Another delay. S.'s grandmother did not show up for her scheduled US Embassy interview. The agency staff has been unable to locate her; she is not living in the same place she did during the initial court appearance. So, the US Embassy has rescheduled her appearance for April 23, 2012. The Embassy has asked CHI to make sure they have located her one week prior to the interview; if she is not "found" one week prior to the 23rd, that interview will be cancelled, as well.

I have heard of several other cases like this, so it's not totally unusual. Birth families are sometimes many days travel from the US Embassy. And since many of them must work daily to survive, families leave for these interviews to travel to Addis at the last possible moment. I have also heard that if these families are even slightly late for their appointment times, the US Embassy refuses to interview them and reschedules their time several weeks from the original date. We might think that this is appropriate; after all, we operate by a punctual court system. Unfortunately, Ethiopians do not live my this same tyranny of the urgent. They do not live by the clock like we would in the US. And, of course, they don't even use the same calendar system as the US... so the whole issue of specific dates and times for interviews may be lost on many of these dear people. Additionally, these people can not take time off work very easily; if they do leave their positions, many lose their jobs or at least lose their pay for the time they are gone. This is not like one of us in the United States taking time off work. We can survive losing a day or two without pay. But for an Ethiopian--- already living day-to-day-- this travel presents a serious, costly hardship.

So, we wait. Again. I'm just counting on the Lord to strengthen me and refine me as we wait. The wait is always for a reason. Adoption most certainly is not for the weak at heart. You think I'd be used to it by now.


  1. Oh Kristen. I am so sorry. I have been praying and will continue.

  2. So sorry, Kristen. I've been having a weak at heart kind of day...your attitude has challenged and encouraged me.

  3. Heart is so heavy. Know that I'm praying...for many, many miracles and for a whole lot of peace.