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Saturday, December 31, 2011

No News

Our agency has informed us that S.'s grandmother isn't cooperating with the court process. She has missed a handful of appointments, which is totally understandable--- given where she is, and given her transportation problems. But, the truth remains that regardless of WHY this woman is not appearing, her failure to appear in court poses hardship on little S.

Did you know that for every month a child is in an orphanage, that child loses about 3 months of physical and emotional development? Orphanages, not matter how good they seem to be, are no match for the love and care of God-fearing parents. Our S. has now been in an orphanage for about a year. That's a long time for a 4-6 year old. So, we wait. And S. waits.

We also still await word from the judge, but the agency assumes that she will recommend going through the process of abandonment. What this means is that the agency will need to file different papers and make public postings about S., looking for any other family members who could appear or make statements on his behalf. This can be a lengthly process; I do know of one poor family that waited for 2 years for an abandonment to clear! Yet, we have been assured by our agency that S. lived in an area that processes paperwork faster. If all goes well, according to our attorney, this additional step should take 2-3 weeks. Then the case still needs to move through the US Embassy.

Like I stated with our last adoptions, I am so grateful that this is not our first adoption! Having gone through adopting 4 other children, a heart learns to more easily "go with the flow." Worrying and getting upset only hurt the person doing the worrying and fretting; and, participating in all that anxious thinking only demonstrates a lack of faith in what God is doing or needs to do. It has taken me years to get to this point in my thinking, but it certainly allows me to be at peace in the situation. I so thrilled that I can pray to my Lord, and give Him all these issues.

Lord, have mercy on all the kids waiting for adoption processes to finalize. Have mercy on the waiting families. Give them strength during the wait, and comfort them with your Presence. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn patience and perseverance; thank you for teaching me how to trust You for everything that has, that is, and that will take place. You are a great and glorious God! Bring our kids home when it seems right to You. 

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