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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lying, lying

Wow! How much lying can little kids do? Quite a bit, actually.

Yesterday, Miss T.'s cell phone disappeared. She kinda suspected who was responsible, but wanted the guilty part to come forward.

After a whole day of trying to solve the crime, Miss G. admitted to taking the phone; she had hidden it under her bed. G. had to go to bed early.

After being in bed about a half of an hour, the screaming ensued. G. felt so guilty and sad about her sin, that she wailed apologies. She was almost hysterical with grief: she sobbed, and repeatedly asked for forgiveness. I got to hold her, and rock her until she relaxed. I was so thankful for the admission of guilt and desire to repent, I too, cried. Best of all, G. woke up this morning with a sweet, joyful smile. I got the biggest hug of our short history.

Isn't that what our Lord wants from us? When we sin, doesn't He just want us to 'fess up, repent, and seek His forgiveness? Then He just wants us to start over, not being burdened with guilt and shame. I do love do-overs! And I love being a mom....

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