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Sunday, August 10, 2014


I knew it would be a normal study. Even after trying to deprive myself of sleep in order to perhaps
encourage a seizure--- the 60-minute EEG came back clear.

My neurologist was not too surprised, either. She said it is pretty common to get a clear EEG just because it is such a short snapshot of time to analyze brain waves. Nonetheless, she felt quite confident recommending Vimpat, an anti-seizure medication.

The reasons behind taking seizure medication with a clear EEG are these: first of all, my MRI is scary. I have tons of lesions in areas usually deemed epileptic (temporal lobe). Second, I have a history of both a grand mal seizure (albeit 26 years ago) and (perhaps) have had several partial seizures. In my case, the partial seizures felt like hypoglycemia coming on; they then progressed with tachycardia, a "creepy crawly" ice-cold water feeling on the back of my head, severe chills, and then uncontrolled crying (while I'm telling my kids, "I'm fine, I just can't stop crying.") The episodes made me feel a bit panicked, and once I did have shortness of breath. That's what made me ignore the episodes initially--- maybe it was just a panic attack? My neurologist said my symptoms did point to partial seizures, which have many different manifestations, including the symptoms I described.

But the most convincing reason to start seizure meds was the possibility of what could happen to me if I did have a seizure? What if I'm driving a car-load of kids? What if the partial seizure becomes more generalized and I fall at home? What would a seizure do to an already "dinged" brain? My neurologist did not like the possibilities and strongly encouraged me to be on medication. I started taking Vimpat the day after the EEG.

Regarding Vimpat, so far so good! Initially, I only felt a bit tired. By the next day, I had some occasional dizziness and then some itchiness. My hearing got even worse, due to the incredible ringing in my ears. Yet, after a few days on the medication, all the side effects mellowed. Only fatigue remains, and I'm pretty much tired all the time--- so what's a bit more?

Today, Sunday, was the first day of taking a full dose (100m.g. twice a day). I don't seem to feel any different. I am so thankful; I am typically the Queen of Side Effects or Paradoxical Effects. Could it be that I've found a good medication?

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  1. Thanks for explaining the "why" of taking it with a clear EEG-makes sense. And, I'm super glad to hear that the side effects are manageable for you. xo