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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let Me Remember This Feeling...

Goodness, it is such a beautiful day! Clear skies and warm weather add a sweet dimension to the emotional excitement in my heart. Many of you ladies know the feeling: that palpable joy that permeates your soul, knowing your little one will be home soon.

No, we don't have an Embassy date yet. But our agency did let me know that assuming all goes well with S.'s grandmother showing up for her Embassy interview, we should be traveling next month. I am SO ready to have my little guy home!

Oh Lord, let me remember this feeling.

Let me remember this joy when S. is grieving. Help me to respond with grace and kindness. Help me to take the time to weep with him. Help me to truly be present with him in his distress.

Let me remember this joy when S. is acting out and being disobedient. Help me to be firm, yet forgiving and encouraging. Remind me of all the times I've needed your forgiveness when I've been disobedient. Help me to see the good and praise the progress.

Let me remember this joy when I'm so exhausted I can't think any more. Help me to remember that fatigue doesn't last forever, and that Your grace will give me strength when I'm weak. Remind me that is is okay to ask for help when I can't do what I feel I must.

Let me remember this joy when my older kids are adjusting to a new family member. Help me to lead my family by example; help me to listen to their feelings, without judgement or sarcasm. Teach me to comfort my children and not add to their anxieties and frustrations.

Let me remember this joy, Lord, and continue to celebrate each and every day you give me with my family. Please teach me not to take any of my dear ones for granted. Please don't let me take You for granted.

Can't wait, little man. I just can't wait to hold you in my arms and begin being your mommy.

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