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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Adoption Update: Months 13-15

In spite of my own health issues, the last 3-4 months have been quite wonderful for our family. It is almost like the proverbial "light switch" has been flipped; the newest additions to the family have really settled in and are doing fantastic!

I would have to say the biggest change is in the eldest boy. He has settled considerably, and is very affectionate. He is my "sweet boy." He loves doing anything to help Mom, and has become quite thoughtful and kind. He likes to try new things (e.g. basketball), and now does not have a defeatist attitude when he can't do things perfectly the first time. He is also making great strides in language and school; he is still quite active and very loud, but not exasperatingly hyperactive anymore. This behavioral improvement may be due to changes in diet (eliminating red food dye, reducing overall sugar intake, and increasing dietary essential fatty acids)... or it simply may be "tincture of time." Only the Lord knows, but I am very grateful and so thankful!

The youngest boy continues to excel in school and is also quite affectionate. I love his morning hugs! He still struggles with bladder control, and we realize that these issues are behavioral/ grief-related issues (control). Aside from this one challenge, he is quite happy and well-adjusted. He displays no anger or inappropriate behaviors at all. He is very intelligent and genuinely kind. He enjoys school and learning, but most of all loves hanging out with his older brothers. Before bed, he runs to tell everyone in the house "Good-night, I love you!" If he forgets, he sends me on a mission!

Our newest daughter is still a spit-fire! She remains high-spirited and quite dramatic, although her pouting is very much decreasing. This little one simply does not like hearing "no" or being corrected. She will often try to provoke me to a "word-war," which is usually the behavior that will result in disciplinary action. That being said, she has become very much the little helper at home, and loves spending time with me. She takes initiative and helps me even before I ask. Additionally, she is not fighting very much with her 8 year old sister much anymore; they have become good friends--- talking and giggling into the night. She still has a bit of grief work to do; she needs more one-on-one time than the others.

All of the kids have a true interest in learning the Word of God. Their Sunday School teachers say they are asking lots of good questions and are eager to participate in class discussions. They all adore having people over, especially other highschool-aged kids from church. The only behavior I have to watch for is my daughter becoming physically clingy with other girls (at least it's not boys!). She so desperately wants to be liked and noticed.

Thank you, Lord, for such gifts from above! Thank you for all of my dear children.


  1. Beautiful Kristen. God is good.


  2. Love it!

    Word-war! That's my 8 year old to a tee.

    So happy for you all around.


  3. as I said before, these are my favorite posts of yours. . thanks for being so transparent and sharing so that those of you "coming behind" you can learn. I appreciate the time you give your blog. I will close this comment with a prayer for you . .for complete healing.