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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweet Mr. A.!

Mr. A. is a bit subdued on his special day
Miss B. and D-Man trying to get the party to lighten up

Life just seems better with a little frosting



Birthdays are just all right, especially with orange soda

Mr. A. celebrated his seventh birthday today. Everyone was quite excited about the day... with the exception of the birthday boy himself. Asher was quite subdued the entire day; perhaps his little heart was having difficulty balancing missing his Ethiopian family, and appreciating what he now calls home. He couldn't really explain (or understand, I'm guessing) why he felt sad. Poor baby; my heart just broke for him today. Thank the Lord for frosting and orange soda. They provided some much needed emotional band-aids for the day.

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!!!!... orange soda is the best ;)