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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Ladies of the Household

They say a picture says a thousand words. What can you see here?

Yes, Mom looks pretty tired... but very content.
T. is growing up to be quite the sweet and kind young woman.
G. doesn't lack for confidence and beauty.
B. wants to be the center of attention, and is starting to feel more comfortable with her family.

Sigh. Time sure does heal. I just can't believe how quickly this family has blended together into this sweet concoction of crazy, loud, fun love!

The turning point? For me, it was simply sleeping more and feeling rested enough to be able to delve into the Word every morning again. He has renewed my strength. For T., her growth is clearly from reading the Word of God and studying it with more frequency. For G., the change happened when little sister stopped competing and started serving her. For B., it was spending a little more time with me in a little girl's Bible study called "Just Mom and Me Having Tea." B. and G. now run around, holding hands, singing in "Jesus Loves Me."

Thank you, Lord, for my girls! Give me the wisdom I need to help them grow and flourish according to your will.

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